What we offer

We want your cat to have a holiday too. While your away enjoying your relaxing break we would love to provide the same for your pampered feline. 

We don’t just offer a beautiful, spacious room but we give personal attention to every cat in our care. 

Every cat will have an opportunity to play everyday in our indoor playground, complete with many scratching posts, climbing cat trees, toys, boxes and tunnels.

Each of our rooms has a fully enclosed balcony or ‘catio’, where our guests love to spend their time basking in the sun, bird or chicken watching and generally just relaxing. 

We love to give brushes to those cats who enjoy it, and those with long hair that need special coat care.

Every cat gets cuddle time and lap time which is our pleasure to provide.

We provide high quality wet and dry cat food and are happy to give raw food or alternative diets if the owners provide them.

We can cater for non-contageous medical conditions such as diabetes, endocrine disorders so long as your pet is healthy at the time of admittance. Please do speak directly to Janie regarding your cat’s special care need, as boarding is not always appropriate for unwell cats.

As you can see, there is something for even the fussiest of guests!