Our facilities

Our custom made cattery building opened for Christmas 2014. New clients regularly tell us is the best Cattery they’ve visited, not only in Perth but in Australia.

The fully indoor cattery building is insulated from floor to ceiling, is clean, spacious and provides climate controlled air conditioning to ensure comfort all year round.

Each of our 16 suites is spacious, and will easily accommodate multi-cat households.Our standard room dimensions are 1.7m X 2m with 8 standard ceiling height. Our extra large rooms (for multi-cat households) are 1.7m x 2.8m, also with standard ceiling height.

The suites are multi levelled, containing various comfortable beds and surfaces for sleeping as well as an enclosed outdoor balcony to allow fresh air, sunshine, bird and chicken watching in our surrounding gardens.

When your cat is not basking in the sunshine on the balcony, they can stretch their legs in our indoor playground, there is lots to keep them entertained. Or some cats may prefer a cuddle and a groom, which will be our pleasure to provide every day.

We provide only premium diets for our guests, including black hawk and hills biscuits and various flavoured Advance, dine or Fancy feast tins and pouches. Alternatively you may choose to provide your cats own diet if it is not within our range, or if your cat is prone to tummy upsets.

Feliway aromatherapy and classical music is played within the cattery to provide a peaceful environment and reduce stress.

Medications including tablets and injections are easily catered for by your kitty’s personal on-site Vet Janie or our experienced team of animal lovers.

Inspection of the cattery is welcome by appointment.