About us

Amity Feline Retreat resides on a lovely well-kept acre within the Southern River kennel zone. This is also home to Gary and Janie Boud, who purchased the property in 2013 with the dream of providing premium boarding for the cats of Perth and raising their family in the lovely semi-rural setting.

Dr Janie Boud and husband Gary Boud are devoted animal lovers, with a menagerie of furry and feathered pets themselves. They have 2 gorgeous Persian cats – Charlotte and Arlo, a cheeky miniature schnauzer named Alvin and a flock of crazy chickens.Dr Janie Boud has always had a love for animals, especially cats. She has worked in the Veterinary industry for over 20 years. Whilst loving her career as a Vet, having a family has meant reducing her Vet committments. Managing Amity has allowed for extra family time, whilst still surrounding herself with the cats she loves so much.

Our cats, Our inspiration

Our luxury cattery came about due to Janie’s love for her own cats, and feeling the need to provide something more than was already on offer for cat accommodation. Janie’s own Persian cats Bailey, Elmo and Charlotte were the inspiration for building the cattery. Janie found it difficult to leave her furbabies, two of which were old and had serious medical conditions. They were all much loved family members and Bailey and Elmo are now very sadly missed. Janie still has Charlotte, and her newest baby Arlo who keep the family entertained.

Princess Charlotte is certainly a lady who loves to be pampered. She likes nothing more than relaxing on Mums lap while getting brushed and sleeping on the bed. Arlo is 1 year old and is a youngster full of mischief. He likes to pounce on the family dog and loves to play. He is very easy going and loves to play.

Janie also has Alvin, a miniature schnauzer dog who is friendly, playful and gets bossed around by the cats.